“But it was a beginning.”

“But it was a beginning.”

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve started my blog.  I really wanted this to be all pithy and lofty and motivating, but then I got some great advice…and from an unexpected place actually.  Wordpress offers some how-to guides for new users.  One was about choosing a theme that fits you.  Michelle W. said:

“If I put on the skinny jeans, I’ll be self-conscious and will spend all night tugging at my clothes to get them just so. Eventually, I’ll give up and leave them in the closet…”

That really struck home.  Not only because I view skinny jeans as the death of comfort, but because it’s true.  If I try to be someone I’m not on this blog, I’ll spend all my time thinking of the perfect way to word something.  Or spend hours finding that just right graphic.  All of this will be done instead of accomplishing what this blog is actually for: reflection and sharing.

Now, sure, I hope that I will develop some kind of audience (other than the spambots) so I need to be a little polished and well spoken.  In the end though, the main purpose is to help me reflect on my practice to make changes and improvements.  And I know me.  I don’t listen to myself when I get all uppity.  So expect some humour.  Expect some sarcasm.  Expect too many parentheses, commas, and ellipses (I’m a science nerd, not an English major).  But most of all, expect plain talk that probably won’t be made into a meme anytime soon.  Oh yeah, expect a lot of memes too.

So, welcome to my little corner of the world.  Congratulations George Couros.  You have motivated one more educator to take the leap.

Post title courtesy of Robert Jordan.